Are all necessary gear and thermal clothing included on a mountainous trip ?.

Yes. Beneath is everything you will have access to during a trip
-Transportation from Steinkjer Train station throughout your stay and back to the Trainstation on departure.
-Excellent thermal gear throughout. That includes: Kamik  thermal boots, Scott thermal mittens, Scott thermal  Gore Tex /Cordura bibs. Scott thermal Gore Tex /Cordura Parkas. Lowe Alpine thermal cap.
-Sleeping bag (rated -35 ), one Ridge Rest sleeping matt, Cot.
Fleece liner for use in sleeping bag on really cold nights.
– LED headlamp.
– Gear for dining.
– 1 forty liters waterproof bag to carry your private items in.
-Meals included : breakfast, lunch and dinner .
(Alcohol / snacks are on your own budget).

-Accommodation in our guesthouse before and after a trip .
-Your own fully equipped dog team. The team size is from 4 – 6 dogs.
-A skilled, professional guide (s)

Do you arrange trips for children to come along on ?.
Yes , one of our specialtys, are trips with children. We have years of practice.
The youngest on a five days trip, was one year old. Duration of the trip is up to you.

Is there anything fee doesn’t cover ?.
Yes. Alcohol / snacks are on you own budget.

What kind of food du you serve?
Ordinary Norvegian food . Moose, fish and assorted stews for dinner. Bread with assorted spreads and cold cuts.
Coffee, fresh water and tea for drinking.

How many persons can you bring along on a mountainous trip?.
We can go on a long mountainous trip with eight persons. Our specialty though, is small groups so everybody can be proper cared for during the trip. Our comfort group size is from three to five participants.

Is it possible to stay the nights in huts?
Yes, we can use huts upon request . The huts don’t have running water or heated closet .
We can combine hut and tent as you please. This has to be decided in advance or when booking.

Is there heating in your «gamme» ?
Yes there is fore shure heating facilities in our Gamme  (see gallery) . We bring firewood and a fabulous stove. No worries. Besides that, we also bring an MSR gasoline burner (4000w).
When using tents, we use gas burners for heating and cooking.

How is the terrain ?.
This is a very «old» terrain, its not steep ,and its a lot of mountainous valleys with pine and birch trees.
Open marshland is common , great for mushing. We both go up and down mountains.
Sporbryter is mostly going untracked.
There is no infrastructure in the area of that reason that it is a national park. Norway’s third biggest.
We make each trip to the level where the participants feel they will manage.
Motorized transportation are illegal  and we bring everything we need for a comfortable trip in our sleds.

Christmas and new years eve trip , do you carry out those? .
Yes , but between 24 th /12 and 2 th/1 we add 15% to the total fee.
Easter Trips: add 15 %.

What do we have to bring along?.
Warm thermal underwear, Thick woolen socks X 2, sunglasses, camera , toothbrush and other kind of personal gear.

What about security?.
We all have a fifteen hour first aid course. Your main guide has 40 years of outdoors life
and 20 + of them with dogsledding. We also bring GPS and Satellite phone, so we can reach civilization
at all times.

What kind of weather can we experience?.
All actually. We have experienced everything from raging storms to burning sunshine. The average weather is a mix of nice and cloudy weather. In March/ April the weather tends to be sunnier with longer and longer days.
The clothing system though, has never let us down, The nice thing is that we can establish camp within half an hour if needed.

How are the dogs ?.
Our dogs is family members and are exceptionally cozy and well-behaved. Are what we hear from guests.
These guys and girls are breed on following terms : good paws, good temper, good working spirit, big eaters and suited fur. You going to love them.

How far do we travel each day ?
Its entirely up to snow conditions, temperatures and terrain. Between fiteen and tventy kilometers are  within range. We listen to the dogs as a general rule. Its the Guide that takes decisions based upon shelter in the terrain and general considerations.

What about insurance ?
Its up to the partisipants to have proper travel and accident insurance.