Eight days trip

Experiencing various terrain with hills, valleys, lakes and mashland with a eager team of sled dogs  clip_image003

Day_IGP1697 one is arriving and getting the gear and stuff needed for a safe, memorable trip. Dinner, a soft bed to spend the night in and a good nighs sleep.
Day two we will get the teams ready and start at the trailhead, and go into the snow covered scenery.
We will go for approx 15 to 20 km`s a day, depending on the conditions. The first «mushing day» will be a bit shorter than the rest , so you learn the drill with taking off the harnesses , getting the dogs on stakeout chain for the night . And making camp.
These are skills you will be better and better on, as the days unfolds.
We always listen to the dogs, what wear and tear consernes.They are the ones who givs us guidanse of traveling distance.

We`ll go as an nomadic pack, with everything we need for living, loaded in our sleds.
You will learn most of the «trics of the trade» and see for yourselves what great travel companions you are in a team with.

This is ment to be an mostly offtrack adventure with conquering of nature on natures own terms, as our guideline.
Everytrip is of course made to the participants level of skills and former experiences. But hey – what is life without challenges.

Price :

NOK 20.000.- Per person. Minimum two participants.