Three days trip

Short, but rich on experiences

Day one you arrive and get clothing and will meet your furry travel companions._IGP2038
Then dinner, a soft bed and a good nighs sleep. Next morning after breakfast, we harness the dogs, pack sleds, and head out on the trails.
During the day, we do a barbeqe on open fire and give the dogs snacking. Each participant has theyr own team to care for.
The guide will alway be available for help. When we have driven approx 2o km`s. We establish camp. Here you will learn the drill conserning taking care of the dogs and establishing camp. A good, hot meal are made and we will be ready for our sleepingbed after a while.
Next day we do things in reverse and head back to the kennel again.
After a day on the sleds.

When we get back to the kennel you got two choice`s.
Alternative one: NOK 7500.-  : Be driven to the trainstation for your journey home.
Alternative two: NOK 8000.-  : Stay the night on the kennel with dinner and the following day breakfast and then return to «sivilisation».

Minimun two participants.

Please read FAQ (frequent asked questions) for detailed info on transportation and «whats included».