Day trip

Come and join our teams into the forest and up to the hills and higher marshlands to your little adventure.a5ll

This little “adventure” that is meant to give you a introduction to driving your
own team of sled dogs in a winter scenery.
We want to give you an varied nature experience. with both challenges in a slight rugged terrain
and then some easy terrain. Of course we will be stopping ,so you can meet with the dogs in your team.

We will stop during the trip so you can eat your own brought along meal with coffee or tea served along.
A sparkling fire , kind of “follows naturally” when you travel with a dog team in the winter landscape.
We can bring along groups up to 10 persons on a daytrip.
You will then have a team of 5 – 6 happy, eager sled dogs.
You will cheer handling  the team with another participant.

-Duration 3 – 4 hours.

– Its the partisipants own responsebility to dress according to cold winterconditions (Under thermals. mittens, thermal cap and WARM boots).
   if you dont have. you can rent a complete outfit for NOK 150.- per person. Please let us know that when booking the trip.

-Price per person : NOK 1200,- . Minimum two adults NOK 2400.- per trip.

-Children half price, If they are passengers in the sled with an adult, and don’t drive for themselves .

-We travel between 20 and  25 kilometers during the day.